8 things women must think about when shopping for clothes

Not unusual, women often spend hours just shopping for one type of clothing.

Especially when they want to buy certain clothes, women will have a million considerations to finally make their choice.

Various considerations such as color, motif, to size make a lot of women try out stores and waste a lot of time. Very different from most men who can immediately make choices quickly when shopping.

Here are eight things a woman must have thought of when shopping for clothes as reported by

Afraid to look fat

This is the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind every time they try on clothes in the dressing room.

Hip curve that is too prominent can be a reason for a woman to cancel her choice.

Understandably, many women prefer to choose clothes that make them look slim. Remember, fashion isn’t always about showing off what is best in your body.

Not suitable

These words are actually quite biased. Women often consider certain clothes to be less representative of themselves.

In fact, it means that maybe the clothes are too too sexy or too fat to wear them.

Do not want to be the same as friends

A woman never buys the same clothes as another woman even if it belongs to her friend. It feels like a follower if you wear clothes that are exactly the same as those of friends especially in one workplace.

Want to try another color

Women always try the same clothes with different colors if they are available. Uniquely, most would choose the first color he tried.

Anxious to be overtaken by others

When shopping in a crowded situation like when being discounted, women are actually fairly competitive. They like hunting and fighting to get certain clothes that are considered attractive.

Intrigued by the shop next door

Even if women like one dress in the first store, they won’t be able to resist finding out other clothes in the shop next door. They hope to get better clothes at other stores.

Interestingly, often the women actually return to the first store and buy clothes at the store.

Confused size

The majority of women feel hesitant to try a size that is larger than usual. Psychologically, that means women are anxious that they look fatter and feel they have to go on a diet.

Overpriced, just wait for the discount

When women really like something and the price is too expensive, they don’t hesitate to wait and wait for the discount. Still, they ended up shopping for more expensive items.